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Each and every one of us is Supernatural. We are capable of incredible acts of love, courage and despair...is it any wonder that our energy is everlasting?

Jayne Harris


HD Paranormal

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'paranormal'?
My name is Jayne Harris and if my life has taught me anything it is that no single word will ever be enough to describe all things unexplained. 
"Our world is metaphysical, multi-dimensional and awe inspiring, and I am on a personal journey into deeper understanding of the finer mechanics of existence".
When I was 13 I found myself in the presence of my Grandfather...he had passed away several months before so understandably when I heard him coughing in our kitchen I was unnerved. The loud crash that followed and my subsequent discovery of his RAF documents scattered on the floor served to heighten my belief that he had been with me. In comparison to some of the incredible experiences I had in the proceeding years, this seems a small example, however it would prove to be the catalyst for all that followed in terms of supernatural exploration. 
When I started on this journey I believed that I was simply seeking evidence of ghosts, the commonly accepted types of residual and intelligent. In many ways I suppose I felt that it was as simple as that. We live, our bodies die but our energy remains, and to a large extent I do still believe this to be true. What I am increasingly more interested in however is the idea that we actually co-exist with other realms of time and space. Put plainly, that when we see what we consider to be a 'ghost' that what we are actually catching a glimpse of is a person going about their daily life in a different layer of time. I'm not saying that this is my unwavering belief, but it is an idea well worth further consideration, just as the idea of energies and imprints being recorded and replayed. I don't buy into the Stone Tape Theory as such, by that I mean I'm not convinced that these recordings have anything to do with the fabric of a building necessarily. After all, residual apparitions have been reported on battlefields and other places outdoors. What I think much more likely is that events can become stored in the atmosphere, the emotions and energies of those events, and these linger becoming palpable to those of us who follow.
For all the contemplation, speculation and conjecture mankind has been prone to when it comes to the preternatural, I think one thing we can all (possibly) agree on is that the key to it all may well lie within ourselves. Our perception and understanding of the world around us. The untapped and misunderstood abilities and limitations of the human mind and the connection we have spiritually and intellectually to all that we see, hear, smell, taste and feel around us. Increasingly it is my belief that all existence is connected, infinitely. The uniqueness of a fingerprint mirrored in the uniqueness of each snowflake - the same and yet different.
Todays world is hectic and loud. Too many of us have forgotten how to truly connect with existence in the true sense. Maybe if we took the time, even 1 day each month to slow the pace right down and pay attention to the universe we may just discover something amazing. Not out there...but within us all.


Jayne x