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In addition to her books, magazine articles and blog Jayne also enjoys penning the odd piece of poetry. Here are a couple of examples for your reading pleasure.


The Unknown



I’m here to tell my story,

though it’s one you won’t believe,

I saw the worlds creation

and the blackness in it’s weave.


And now I come, a chill, a breeze

A whisper not quite heard.

A presence in the darkness,

forever unobserved.


​​​​I’m the churning in your stomach,

When you know you’re not alone.

The omnipresent visitor

The one they call Unknown.


I’m the twitching in your eyelid,

the goose-bumps on your arm

The shiver creeping up your spine

The fear that kills your calm.

I’m the doubt inside your memories,

When you’re desperate to recall,

Was it real that sound you heard

From within your bedroom wall


I’ve been given many names it seems,

Yet I recognize not any,

For in truth you see I’m nameless,

As we’re not one but many.

You know we’ve always been there,

We’ve watched you from afar

We’ve seen the darkness you possess,

We know who you truly are.


And during restless slumbers,

In nightmares we will play,

As this is how we leave our mark,

For dreams aren’t real…are they?



Footsteps footsteps, soft and light

Footsteps footsteps, day and night

I wonder where do you belong,

Now I hear you, loud and strong


Footsteps footsteps, you come near,

Footsteps footsteps, spike my fear,

In this blackness I must wait

As footsteps footsteps, dissipate.


And now the sobbing I can’t bear,

Why does his sorrow fill the air,

Muffled voices speak of love

From footsteps footsteps up above.