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Current Projects

Who put Bella in the Wych-Elm? | The Documentary

Production began: April 2015

Release date: August 2017

Indie documentary film which investigates the mysterious case of a skeleton found inside a hollow tree in 1943. The documentary explores the various theories, which include Witchcraft and Espionage, in more detail than has been seen before, culminating in a paranormal investigation in woodland where it's alleged her ghost has been spotted.

Will the team uncover new evidence, make contact with her spirit and ultimately put this troubled soul to rest?


Lost Legends TV Series

Production commences: January 2018

Due for release: TBC

Together with experienced Producer Norie Miles, Jayne has co-created and will present a unique and exciting new television series which will look into mysteries and urban legends from around the UK in a scientific and historical way never before seen in TV!

Described as 'Time Team' meets 'Strange But True' the show will utilise state of the art geophysical equipment and archaeological methodology together with scientific investigations in an attempt to understand some of these curious pieces of folklore.

More details here

Schools Learning Programme Development



Following the release of Jaynes debut documentary "Who put Bella in the Wych-Elm?" she is pleased to announce that she is currently working with several West Midlands High schools to develop a learning programme for students based around this true life murder mystery.

Students will have access to original police files, statements and photographs tapping into English, Science and of course History in their journey of discovery with an emphasis on the importance of local heritage and the impact of WW2 on the Midlands.

More details soon

Tutoring | Diploma in Applied Paranormal Research


Possibly one of Jaynes proudest achievements of 2017 so far has been the creation and delivery of her online course 'The Diploma in Applied Paranormal Research' which gained accreditation from the CPD for its high quality content and outcomes. Jayne continues to mentor learners on this programme, guiding them to achieve this unique and accessible paranormal qualification.

Enrolment is now open for candidates and anyone wishing to embark upon this very special journey is encouraged to learn more about it below.